Legal Marriage Registration Charged at THB 35,000++

A Marriage for foreigners in the Laguna Phuket Wedding Chapel is a symbolic ceremony and is not legally recognized under Thai laws. Couples wishing to register the marriage under Thai laws must also complete the following procedures and requirements:

To officially register a marriage in Thailand, a certain amount of paperwork must be completed in Bangkok. We can oversee this process by arranging all necessary appointments and documentation required, as well as providing you with an English speaking guide and transport to and from Government offices. In most instances, a legal marriage in Thailand is also recognized by authorities in your home country.

The legal marriage registration process is as follows:

  • A visit to the appropriate Embassy(s) in Bangkok to complete an ‘affidavit to marry’. (We will advise you as to what documentation you need to bring with you to the embassy as it differs for each nationality).
  • Both parties will need to complete individual affidavits.
  • If you have previously been married, you may also need to complete an additional form verifying your freedom to marry (Additional costs will also be involved)
  • The completed affidavits will then be translated into Thai.
  • The forms will then need to be authorised by the Thai Foreign Ministry in Bangkok.
  • Once all documents are authorised, you will visit the local government office (Amphur) to complete the legal marriage certificate or have the local Amphur official attend your Wedding Ceremony at your chosen Resort. You are now legally married!
  • Your legal marriage certificate and accompanying documentation is then translated into English.
  • The translated legal marriage certificate and accompanying documentation is then authorised by the Thai Foreign Ministry in Bangkok.
  • Completed and translated legal marriage documents will be forwarded to you at your Thailand Hotel or alternatively sent to you at your home address –EMS post.
  • Please also note: For some nationalities, there may be additional paperwork and embassy requirements to fulfil.  We will advise you if this is the case.

Legal Marriage


Husband and Wife


A marriage will be valid under Thai law when it is officially registered with Thai authorities. A valid Thai marriage will then be recognised as a valid marriage in most other countries. If you do not properly register a marriage performed in Thailand with Thai authorities, you are not legally married either in Thailand or your home country. (If either party is under the age of 20 written permission from the parents is required with Thai translation)


 (to be paid by client directly) for lodging the affidavit to marry which will vary depending on your nationality

  • British National – THB 3,600 per affidavit
  • Australian National – THB 630 per affidavit
  • New Zealand National – THB 850 per affidavit
  • American National – USD $30 per affidavit
  • Canadian National- CAD $50
  • Malaysian National- THB 200
  • Irish National- THB 1,160


  1. Above prices are subject to change without prior notice and 17.7% of government tax and service charge are applied.
  2. Embassy fees are not included and to be paid by client directly.
  3. Please inform us if you have previously been divorced or widowed as there will be extra costs involved to cover embassy, translation and authorisation fees of these documents
  4. The exact length of time required in Bangkok will depend on your nationality and the requirements of your embassy for the processing of paperwork needed for your legal marriage.
  5. All information provided is correct at time of issue, however, embassy and Thai govt. procedures are subject to change without notice, which we cannot be held accountable for.  In the event of a change in procedure we will notify you at the earliest possible opportunity.
  6. All Embassies and Thai Government offices are closed on week-ends and Thai public holidays.  Your Embassy will also be closed on their National holidays.