Frequently Asked Questions

How many guests can be seated inside the Wedding Chapel?

The Laguna Phuket Wedding Chapel can comfortably seat up to 50 people. However, should the number of attendees exceed 50, some seats can be removed to create standing room for a total capacity of up to 80 guests (24 seated and 56 standing).

Will the Chapel be cool enough on the day of the ceremony?

Air-conditioners inside the Wedding Chapel will be switched on well in advance, ensuring that your ceremony will be carried out in cool comfort.

Is the wedding at the Wedding Chapel legally binding?

The wedding at the Wedding Chapel is symbolic only, but should you wish to have a legal wedding, we can provide this service. Please CLICK HERE for more information.

Is the Wedding Package price inclusive of accommodation?

All except one of our Wedding Chapel Packages are exclusive of accommodation.

Are wedding gowns available for sale?

We have a selection of wedding gowns for sale. To view our collection, please CLICK HERE.

What about hair and make-up, would such services be available?

We have our own hair and make-up stylist with many years of professional experience, who will be on hand to ensure you’ll look your best on your wedding day!

What if I do not want to hold a ceremony at the Wedding Chapel, but wish to have wedding photos taken there and around the Resort, is that possible?

Yes, it is possible. We have a Wedding Photo-tour Package that includes bridal hair and make-up and photography services.

What is the weather like in Phuket? What if it rains on my wedding day?

The rainy season in Phuket is from May to October, but sunny periods are still common during these months with rain limited to sporadic showers. During the dry season, Phuket is basked in constant sunshine during the day and tropical breezes blowing softly throughout the evenings. Should it rain on your wedding day, you and your guests will be well protected with the Wedding Chapel being fully covered.